Teams – SPX Fitness: Isabel, Ashleylou, Diego, Victor

Team Name: SPX Fitness

Team Members: Isabel Lopez, Ashleylou Hinojosa, Diego Mascorro, and Victor Reyes
Representing: SPX Fitness Laredo, TX
Combined crossfitting time: About 10 years
Previous competitions: Never as a group.
Previous Oktoberfest: Isabel- First Time, Ashleylou- 002 (Scaled) & 003 (RX), Diego- First Time, Victor- 003 (Scaled)
Hate to see at OO4: Isabel- Rope Climbs, Ashleylou- MATH PROBLEMS :) , Diego- Heavy DL, Victor- Pistols & MU’s
Favorite Movements: Isabel- Cleans, Ashleylou- O-Lifts & Skills, Diego- Mu’s or any Gymnastics, Victor- Cleans & KB swings.


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