Teams – SPX Fitness: Isabel, Ashleylou, Diego, Victor

Team Name: SPX Fitness Team Members: Isabel Lopez, Ashleylou Hinojosa, Diego Mascorro, and Victor Reyes Representing: SPX Fitness Laredo, TX Combined crossfitting time: About 10 years Previous competitions: Never as a group. Previous Oktoberfest: Isabel- First Time, Ashleylou- 002 (Scaled) & 003 (RX), Diego- First Time, Victor- 003 (Scaled) Hate to see at OO4: Isabel- [...] Continue reading →

Teams – Racks & Sacks: Kelley, Amber, Joey, Bill

Team Name: Racks & Sacks Team Members: Kelley Espinoza/ Amber Roehl/ Joey Ramos/ Bill Hanks Representing: CFV CrossFit Victorious Combined crossfitting time: 8 yrs and 7 months Previous competitions: We have all competed in several competitions as individuals totaling 10 overall. This will be the first as a team. Previous Oktoberfest: Not as a team, [...] Continue reading →

Teams – CrossFit H-town: Theo, Carrie, Jennifer, Acie

Team Name: CrossFit H-town Team Members: Theo Tsekouras, Carrie Tsekouras, Jennifer Parrish, Acie Nobles Representing: CrossFit H-town Combined crossfitting time: 14 years combined Previous competitions: 2010 regionals, Bring the Heat Previous Oktoberfest competitions: OO2 & 3 Hate to see at OO4: we got it all Favorite Movements: everything        Continue reading →

Teams – Snatches and Jerks: Madeline, Justin, Maggie, Kris

Team Name: Snatches and Jerks Team Members: Madeline Felio, Justin Morse, Maggie Williams, Kris Glaubitz Representing: Crossfit Waco Combined crossfitting time: 4 years Previous competitions: none as this “team” but Kris, Justin and Madeline did Texas Barbell Mass. Maggies first competition. Previous Oktoberfest competitions: Justin competed on last years CFWaco Team at OO3 Hate to [...] Continue reading →

Teams – Hangover Strength: Michele, Sara, Robert, David

Team Name: Hangover Strength Team Members: Michele Johnson, Sara Prasatik, Robert Rutherford and David Kurtz Representing: P3 Crossfit in Houston (Bellaire), TX Combined crossfitting time: In the double digits Previous competitions: Sort of…3 original members and one replacement Previous Oktoberfest competitions: yes, we’ve all done team Hate to see at OO4: sandbags, muscle-ups, trivia questions [...] Continue reading →

Teams – Kamikaze: Lindsay, Brandi, Jamaal, Adam

Team Name: Kamikaze Team Members: Lindsay Ledbetter, Brandi Kriendler, Jamaal Lee, Adam Stacy Representing: Crossfit Champions Combined crossfitting time: 5+ years Previous competitions: We are all new to competition, this will be our first one. Previous Oktoberfest competitions: No Hate to see at OO4: Thrusters, man-makers, and corn hole Favorite Movements: the corpse pose. actually [...] Continue reading →

Teams – 2Red4 Crossfit: Bailey, Nathan, Amber, Bri

Team Name: 2Red4 Crossfit Team Members: Bailey Rowe, Nathan Smith, Amber Anderson, Bri Kranklin Representing: Girls from Crossfit 214 (Dallas, TX) merge with boys from Red River Crossfit (Shreveport, LA) Combined crossfitting time: 7 years total Previous competitions: Amber and Bailey competed last year on the Red River CF team Previous Oktoberfest competitions: Si Hate [...] Continue reading →

Teams – Team RedBlack: Jessica, Melissa, Chad, Dru

Team Name: Team RedBlack Team Members: Jessica Tennant, Melissa Feliz, Chad Vazquez, Dru Sellers Representing: RedBlack Gym – Austin, TX Combined crossfitting time: 9.33+ years Previous competitions: Yes, combined 7 or 8 Previous Oktoberfest competitions: Yes, one of us has. Hate to see at OO4: treadmills, box jumps Favorite Movements: hang cleans, hand stand push [...] Continue reading →

Teams – Wolfpack: Malice, Medusa, Panther, Rampage

Team Name: WOLFPACK Team Members: Malice, Medusa, Panther, Rampage ( Andy Saberioon, Ryan Hopkins, Melissa Velez, Leah Shullenberger ) Representing: Crossfit West Houston Combined crossfitting time: 10 years Previous competitions: 1 Previous Oktoberfest competitions: yes – 3 of us did last year Hate to see at OO4: heavy ass thrusters…again Favorite Movements: flexing Continue reading →

Teams – Too Tall for Crossfit: Salah, Tiffany, Cabot, Ryne

Team Name: Too Tall For CrossFit Team Members: Salah Schoenecke, Tiffany Syfan, Cabot Wilkinson, and Ryne Bransford Representing: Woodward CrossFit Combined crossfitting time: 8+ years Previous competitions: 0 Previous Oktoberfest competitions: No Hate to see at OO4: Box Jumps, Weighted Runs, Snatch, Pullups Favorite Movements: Box Jumps Continue reading →

Teams – Snorkles and Goggles: Brian, Korie, Chris, Stephanie

Team Name: Snorkles and Goggles Team Members: Brian Dailey, Korie Gilmore, Chris Painter, Stephanie Shantie Representing: NHB Crossfit Combined crossfitting time: 5.5 years Previous competitions: No previous competitions as a team Previous Oktoberfest competitions: No previous OO for any member Hate to see at OO4: Thrusters or Shoulder to Overhead Favorite Movements: DL or OHS Continue reading →

Teams – Crossfit Conroe: Brad, Jen, Daniel, Misty

Team Name: Crossfit Conroe Team Members: Brad Overstreet, Jen Foret, Daniel Brown, Misty Overstreet Representing: Crossfit Conroe Combined crossfitting time: 12 years experience Previous competitions: Many of us have competed together for different comps but this will be the first with this particular foursome! Previous Oktoberfest competitions: We have done a combined 6 Oktoberfests, Daniel [...] Continue reading →

Teams – Victorious Secret: Jen, Sarah, Sean, Matt

Team Name: Victorious Secret Team Members: Jen Taylor, Sarah Lay, Sean Mata, and Matt Farr Representing: Pearland Crossfit Combined crossfitting time: 5 Years Previous competitions: Never competed together, combined ~10 competitions Previous Oktoberfest competitions: We are all virgins Hate to see at OO4: Algebra…damnit! Favorite Movements: All four of us have our weaknesses…that’s why those [...] Continue reading →