OOVII Divisions

Oktoberfest Obliteration VII Division Descriptions

Elite Men and Women

(40 spots men, 20 spots women)
We define the Elite CrossFit athlete as one that can pretty much handle anything seen on CrossFit.com, and likely placed in the top 150-200 in the 2015 CrossFit Open and/or qualified for Regionals. This athlete is likely among the top 3 performers at their gym.  They are proficient at all the complicated and technical movements and they have superior work capacity…i.e. they can move significant loads and perform complicated movements with relative ease.  Furthermore, the Elite athlete knows how to strategize a WOD.

Scaled Men and Women

(40 spots each)
By Scaled, we do not mean beginner.  We define the Scaled CrossFit athlete that is proficient at most, if not all, common CrossFit movements, but probably still struggles with one or two of the more technical/difficult movements (eg. muscle-ups, handstand push-ups).  This athlete finds themselves, in a typical week or month of training, slightly scaling or modifying the Rx WOD at their gym 10-25% of the time…scaling the WOD to about 85-95% of the Rx WOD.  This athlete is likely among the top 10 performers at their gym.


(2 men, 2 women)
(40 spots)
We design the Team competition WODs for Oktoberfest Obliteration with the assumption that the Team will be comprised of a mix of Elite and Scaled athletes.

40+ Masters Men and Women

(20 spots each)
Ages 40-49. We define the Masters Men and Women pretty much the way we define the Scaled athlete.  In fact, we traditionally plan the Masters and Scaled WODs at Oktoberfest Obliteration to be the same, or very close.

50+ Masters Men and Women

(10 spots each)
For the Super Masters (ages 50+), we take the Masters’ WODs and scale/modify them slightly simply to accommodate for assumed limited range of motion on some movements and/or safety issues.