OOIV – Team Division WODs

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Each Team will receive a placing for each (3) WODs.  Team with lowest cumulative placing number total = OOIV 1st place.  Ties will be broken with best individual placings.

PDF of the WODs can be downloaded here: OOIV Team WODs

WOD 1 – Partners in Crime

AMRAP in 12 minutes:
– Buy in Sandbag Relay 100m* (m:100lb,w:70lb)
5 Thrusters (male 1, male 2, female 1, female 2) (m:135lb,w:95lb)
10 Partner Lateral Burpees (men)
10 Partner Lateral Burpees (women)

Starting from the team’s work area, male 1 runs 50m and back with Sandbag, then male 2, then female 1, then female 2. Once female 2 is back in the work area, the team can continue. The sandbag relay is only performed once.
For the remainder of the 10 minutes: male 1 does 5 Thrusters, then male 2, then female 1, then female 2. Males 1 & 2 perform 10 Partner Lateral Burpees over the barbell, then females. This continues until the 12 minute time limit.

WOD 2 – Hip Hop

For time:
– (team members share reps)
60 Box Jumps (m:30in,w:24in)
60 Power Snatch (m:125lb,w:85lb)
200 Double Unders
60 Power Snatch (m:125lb,w:85lb)
60 Box Jumps (m:30in,w:24in)

Team members share the reps of each movement, breaking the reps up however they like. Every team member must participate in each movement. Only 1 athlete working at a time. 15 minute cut-off. If DNF, a 3 second penalty will be added to 15:00 for each non completed repetition.

WOD 3 – Mathletes

4 rounds for time:
– (athletes rotate each round)
50m Sprint / 20 Pull-ups
50m Sprint / 20 Kettlebell Swings (m:70lb,w:53lb)
50m Sprint / 20 Med Ball Sit-ups (m:20lb,w:14lb)
50m Sprint / 10 Power Cleans (m:155lb,w:105lb)
Team solves math problem

Athletes work in this order every round: Female 1, Female 2, Male 1, Male 2.
Female 1 sprints 50m around the battlefield and then completes the designated work. Then Female 2, then Male 1, then Male 2. After completing the reps of the movements, athletes will solve a math problem presented to them by volunteer. Each team will choose a spokesperson to provide “final” answer. An incorrect answer results in all members performing 5 burpees. A correctly solved math problem must be completed before the team can continue to the next round.

For each round, the order of the athletes working stays the same, but where they start rotates:

Round 1 – F1-PU, F2-KBS, M1-SU, M2-PC, Team-Math
Round 2 – F1-KBS, F2-SU, M1-PC, M2-PU, Team-Math
Round 3 – F1-SU, F2-PC, M1-PU, M2-KBS, Team-Math
Round 4 – F1-PC, F2-PU, M1-KBS, M2-SU, Team-Math

20 minute cut-off.
If DNF, a 4 second penalty will be added to 20:00 for each non completed repetition.

43 thoughts on “OOIV – Team Division WODs

  1. I thought the team can be comprised of RX&scaled athlete, what if the scaled athlete can’t lift the weight? (ie snatch, KB)

    • We designed the Team WODs with that assumption and the weights reflect that. In our description of Scaled, we made it very clear that Scaled does not = beginner.

  2. In the video, the demo showed more of a muscle snatch. Is re-bending of the knees allowed when performing the power snatches so long as we open the knees again with bar locked out overhead?

  3. On Team WOD 2: Hip Hop, on the second round of movements after the double unders, the height of box, and weight of P. Snatch are switched. Which movement is fourth, and which is fifth?

  4. do we provide our own jump ropes?

  5. Are backwards DU’s allowed?

  6. On the box jumps do the heels have to be fully on the box? Or can they hang off ?

  7. On Team Wod # 2, can the males and females alternate jumping on the box? One male jumps on and as he jumps off the male 2 jumps on?

  8. For hip hop WOD each team member has to do the movement at least once. So for example could guys do all 60 box jumps the first time and girls do all 60 the second?

  9. 1) Do all athletes have to participate in WOD2? for example, can we have one kangaroo teammate do all the box jumps and box jumps only?

    2) can you give an example math problem?

  10. On the lateral burpees, I assume you have to stand all the way up before jumping over the bars? Or can you stay low out of the burpees?

    • You have to jump over with both feet at the same time, inside the bumpers. That’s the requirement.
      If you stay hunched over, you’ll probably hit your partner though.

  11. On the hip hop wod
    Can we break the box jumps, snatches and du up into rounds?
    Ex. 30bj 30ps 50 du 3rds?

  12. During the sandbag relay, will the males and females share the same sandbag or will there be a sandbag for each person?

  13. On Hip Hop when you say “participate” does that mean each member must successfully complete at least one of each movement or does an attempt constitute participation?

  14. I understand that participate means complete at least 1 rep. What happens if a team member is unable to complete at least 1 rep after multiple attempts?

    • Then the team is stuck there.
      In the example of Hip Hop; if a member can’t complete a snatch after a few attempts, the other members can continue all the way to 59 reps. The team will not be able to move on to the next movement until that last member completes at least 1 rep. If that doesn’t happen, the team DNFs with the added penalty of the non completed reps.

  15. Matt,
    OMG. I am sorry for all these questions. Your videos were obvious and to the point. Peope, don’t read too much into it.

  16. In the first WOD are the partner burpees 10 each or does jumping over the bar 5x by both partners constitute as 10?

  17. Is split snatch allowed on wod 2?

  18. Thanks!:) Great WODs this year

  19. Can female 1 and female 2 be switched from WOD 1 to WOD 3? And can you face each other on the burpees or must you be back to back?

    • But still the same 2 female athletes right? Yes, you can change order between WODs but you can’t change order in Mathletes IN the WOD.

      On the partner burpees, you can be facing each other or back to back, but your jumps must be within the bumpers.

  20. Can we drop the bar from the top of the snatch?

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