OOIV – Scaled, Masters, Super Masters Division WODs

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Each Athlete will receive a placing for each (6) WODs.  Athlete with lowest cumulative placing number total = OOIV 1st place.  Ties will be broken with best individual placings.

ScM = Scaled Men
ScW = Scaled Women
MM = Masters Men
MW = Masters Women
SMM = Super Masters Men
SMW = Super Masters Women

PDF of the WODs can be downloaded here: OOIV Scaled-Masters-SuperMasters WODs

WOD 1A-C – AMRAP Madness

AMRAP in 3 minutes:
3 Deadlifts (ScM:245lb,ScW:165lb) (MM:245lb,MW:165lb)* (SMM:185lb,SMW:125lb)*
6 Lateral Jump Burpees

Each rep = 1 point
*Masters and Super Masters athletes can scale their deadlift weight for a 6 rep penalty for every 10lb scaled (30lb limit). Any self scaling results in exclusion for any placing finish, unless all members of the division scale exactly the same.

1 minute rest

AMRAP in 6 minutes:
6 KB Swings (ScM:53lb,ScW:35lb) (MM:53lb,MW:35lb) (SMM:40lb,SMW:30lb)
9 Med Ball Sit-ups (m:20lb,w:14lb)

Each rep = 1 point

1 minute rest

AMRAP in 9 minutes:
6 Jumping Squats
9 Hand Release Push-ups
12 Pull-ups (MM,MW,SMM,SMW can opt for 18 Jumping Pull-ups)*

Each rep = 1 point
*Masters & Super Masters Division athletes can scale the 12 pull-ups to 18 jumping pull-ups, but the 18 only count for 12 points. Every 3 jumping pull-ups counts as 2 points (another example: if an athlete complete 15 jumping pull-ups, it counts for 10 reps). Choosing pull-ups or 18 jumping pull-ups must be done before the WOD begins. Opting for 18 jumping pull-ups does not negatively impact placing.

WOD 2 – Run Forrest!

For time:
(in any order)
400m Run
400m Slosh Run (m:60lb,w:40lb)
400m Sandbag Run (ScM:100lb,ScW:70lb) (MM:80lb,MW:60lb) (SMM:70lb,SMW:50lb)

Athlete gets to choose their order. 1 lap with nothing, 1 lap with Slosh Ball, 1 lap with Sandbag.
10 minute cut-off.
Time = score. If DNF, a 10 second penalty will be added to 10:00 for every 10m incomplete.

WOD 3 – Shorty

Max Reps in 90 seconds:
– Buy in of 50m sprint
Front Squats (ScM:135lb,ScW:95lb) (MM:135lb,MW:95lb)* (SMM:95lb,SMW:65lb)*

At go, Athlete will sprint 50m to their barbell. Athlete will then have the remainder of 90 seconds to complete as many reps as possible of Front Squats. A squat clean can be counted as the first rep. WOD is completed when the time runs out.
1 Front Squat = 1 point
*Masters and Super Masters athletes can scale their front squat weight for a 5 rep penalty for every 10lb scaled. Any self scaling results in exclusion for any placing finish, unless all members of the division scale exactly the same.

WOD 4 – Don’t Be A Jerk

For Max Reps:
1 min. Max Jerks (ScM:135lb,ScW:95lb) (MM:135lb,MW:95lb)* (SMM:95lb,SMW:65lb)*
6 min. Max Burpees (emom, 5 Box Jumps) (ScM:24in,ScW:20in) (MM:24in,MW:20in) (SMM:20in,SMW:16in)
1 min. Max Jerks (ScM:135lb,ScW:95lb) (MM:135lb,MW:95lb)* (SMM:95lb,SMW:65lb)*

Athlete will perform as many shoulder to overhead reps as possible in 1 minute. Athlete will then complete as many burpees as possible in 6 minutes, but the athlete has to stop and perform 5 Box Jumps every minute, on the minute. After 6 minutes of Burpees, Athlete will complete another minute of as many shoulder to overhead reps as possible in 1 minute.
1 Shoulder to overhead = 10 points
1 Burpee = 1 point
Box Jumps = 0 points
*Masters and Super Masters athletes can scale their jerk weight for a 10 point penalty for every 10lb scaled. Any self scaling results in exclusion for any placing finish, unless all members of the division scale exactly the same.

57 thoughts on “OOIV – Scaled, Masters, Super Masters Division WODs

  1. For the wallball sit-ups, are we allowed to use a mat underneath our butt? (bad tailbone)

  2. Are the womens pull ups bars fat grip and will they allow tape?

  3. same question….can we have tape on the bars for pull-ups…Im pretty sure you don’t want me going splat on the floor when my hands slip off…ha ha ha

  4. For masters women are motified ( knee) push-ups going to be allowed?

  5. I’m sure I read this somewhere -IF I have to scale a weight-does that automatically take me out of the running for a podium spot?

  6. Are the max jerks starting from the rack or from the ground?

  7. Also wondering if we can tape our kettlebells for the kettlebell swings.

  8. Sure WISH there was alittle weight difference from scaled to Masters-just saying-or just complaining hee hee hee

  9. Are the Again Faster Grips allowed in lieu of the gloves and taping our hands?

  10. What the heck is a slosh ball ??

  11. Can you be more specific on the standards for the jumping pullup. Thanks

    • We’ll have boxes at the pull-up rig. If you choose to do jumping pull-ups, your judge will help you select the right box and bar so that while standing and arms raised overhead, the pull-up bar hits your mid forearm.
      1 rep will be full hang, arms straight, open shoulder (feet on ground or box) to chin over the bar.
      You’ll do 18 jumping pull-ups to count for 12 points.

  12. On the Scaled Masters Jumping Pull-ups. Is there a standard box height or can you add plates for shorter athletes?

  13. Masters/Scaled question:

    If someone decides to do 18 jumping pull ups vs. 12 standard pull-ups are they “self scaling” and does it exclude them from a placing finish?

  14. Just curious (not intending to sound like a dick), why are burpees worth so little compared to the jerks on wod 4? With the current point setup, wouldn’t it only make sense to sandbag/rest on the burpee section to conserve energy for the jerks?

  15. On the penalty(ies) for the front squats and/or jerks in the masters women’s -is the only choice to go down in 10 lb increments? Or can you go down to say 80lbs as opposed to the 85 or 75? Hope that makes sense.

  16. On the 6 minutes of burpee/ box jumps.. do we have to do the last set of box jumps on the 6th minute before we go into the last set of jerks?

  17. Just triple checking….no scaling the pull ups for scaled women. Only in the masters…correct?

  18. before each wod – will we be able to have a judge view a practice movement to make sure we have the same understanding as the judge? thanks..

    • Great question!
      Yes. The Judges will be instructed in their briefings to have their athletes demonstrate a rep or two so that both athlete and judge have a clear agreement of what is expected.

  19. On the 1st AMRAP the lateral burpees, does the first burpee require a jump then burpee which is rep 1 or can we do the 1st burpee next to the bar as rep 1 jump over then rep 2?

  20. I know each run is a total 400m. I see the path shown on the map. Is it 200m from point A to B so it’s up and back for 400m, or is point A to point B a full 400m?

  21. Yes. 200m out and 200m back for a total of 400m.

  22. If the bar is released to the ground on the front squats (for rest), I’m assuming that you must clean the bar fully (i.e., legs/hips locked out) BEFORE starting the next round of front squats. I just want to confirm that a squat clean is only counted for Rep #1 and only rep #1.

  23. How are the runs scored? Time ranking = some amount of points? And 100# sandbag for scaled??? Goodness

    • Yes, time = ranking for the WOD. If DNF, there will be a 10 second penalty added for every 10m not completed.

      We thoroughly tested this WOD with various weights.

      The sandbag weights for the Scaled division were set at what they are long ago. The weights for the Elite division were going to be higher, but we couldn’t fit more of our filler material in the bags.

  24. On the AMRAP madness, will every rep count (since it says each rep = 1 point) or will reps only be counted if a full set is completed?

  25. Very clear instructions – can’t wait!

  26. Will lifting chalk be available and/or can we bring our own?

  27. 1. Will we have any opportunity to check out the slosh ball prior to the WOD?

    2. If we pick up the slosh ball for a quick test in place and quickly decide to do either the empty 400M run or sandbag run instead are we penalized in any way?

    Just want to be clear about this ‘unknown’ (i.e., ball filled with fun and awesome slosh-ness)!

    • 1. No. The first time you pick up the ball will be in the wod.
      2. You have to tell your judge the order you will do the run prior to’go.’ After that, you can’t change your mind.

  28. will the ball and sandbag be avail to pick up during friday check in? or earlier Sat am?

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