OOIV – Elite Division WODs

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Each Athlete will receive a placing for each (6) WODs.  Athlete with lowest cumulative placing number total = OOIV 1st place.  Ties will be broken with best individual placings.

PDF of the WODs can be downloaded here: OOIV Elite WODs

WOD 1 – Don’t Be A Jerk

For Max Reps:
1 minute Max Jerks (m:185lb,w:125lb)
6 minute Max Burpees (emom, 5 Box Jumps) (m:30in,24in)
1 minute Max Jerks (m:185lb,w:125lb)

Athlete will perform as many shoulder to overhead reps as possible in 1 minute. Athlete will then complete as many burpees as possible in 6 minutes, but the athlete has to stop and perform 5 Box Jumps every minute, on the minute (5 total times). After 6 minutes of Burpees, Athlete will complete another minute of as many shoulder to overhead reps as possible in 1 minute.
1 Shoulder to overhead = 10 points
1 Burpee = 1 point
Box Jumps = 0 points

WOD 2 – Shorty

Max Reps in 90 seconds:
– Buy in of 50m sprint
Front Squats (m:165lb,w:115lb)

At go, Athlete will sprint 50m to their barbell. Athlete will then have the remainder of 90 seconds to complete as many reps as possible of Front Squats. A squat clean can be counted as the first rep. WOD is completed when the time runs out.
1 Front Squat = 1 point

WOD 3 – Run Forrest!

For time:
(in any order)
400m Run
400m Slosh Run (m:60lb,w:40lb)
400m Sandbag Run (m:100lb,w:70lb)

Athlete gets to choose their order. 1 lap with nothing, 1 lap with Slosh Ball, 1 lap with Sandbag.
10 minute cut-off.
Time = score. If DNF, a 10 second penalty will be added to 10:00 for every 10m incomplete.

WOD 4A-C – AMRAP Madness

AMRAP in 3 minutes:
3 Deadlifts (m:315lb,w:215lb)
6 Lateral Jump Burpees

Each rep = 1 point

1 minute rest

AMRAP in 6 minutes:
6 KB Swings (m:70lb,w:53lb)
9 Med Ball Sit-ups (m:20lb,w:14lb)

Each rep = 1 point

1 minute rest

AMRAP in 9 minutes:
6 Jumping Squats
9 Chest Slap Push-ups
12 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Each rep = 1 point

2 thoughts on “OOIV – Elite Division WODs

  1. Question about WOD 4a. If the elite athlete does not meet the standard of the lateral jump, is that a complete no rep? Or can the athlete redo the jump?

  2. They can redo the jump.

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