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Teams – The Cunning Runts v2.0: Amy, Niki, Atish, Tony

Team Name: The Cunning Runts v2.0

Team Members: Amy Omessi, Niki Quach, Atish Gandhi, Tony He
Representing: Village CrossFit, Skyline CrossFit, CF Houston
Combined crossfitting time: 10+ Years
Previous competitions: First time competing as this group
Previous Oktoberfest: Various team members have participated in Oktoberfest I and III.
Hate to see at OO4: Heavy Thrusters
Favorite Movements: Double-Unders and Muscle-Ups

Teams – Team Phil Collins: Adriana, Austin, Joey, Stephanie

Team Name: Team Phil Collins Team Members: Adriana Bullon, Austin Thompson, Joey Perot, Stephanie ? Representing: C4 Crossfit Combined crossfitting time: around 6 years combined Previous competitions: first time to compete as a team Previous Oktoberfest competitions: nope Hate to see at OO4: burpees, sled push, and other non fun activities Favorite Movements: pullups, cleans, [...] Continue reading →

Scaled Women – Serena, Jessica,

Name: Serena R.Gordillo Where do you train? Bayou City Crossfit How long you’ve been CrossFitting? 2 years How many competitions you’ve done. I’ve competed only locally at competitions that BCCF has held. 7 competitions total Have you done Oktoberfest Obliteration previously? No What’s the biggest competition you’ve done? This Oktoberfest will be my biggest competition What [...] Continue reading →

Super Masters Men – Frank,

Name: Frank Trimble Where do you train? Crossfit XLR8, Gregory, TX How long you’ve been CrossFitting? 2.5 years How many competitions you’ve done. One Have you done Oktoberfest Obliteration previously? Yes What’s the biggest competition you’ve done? Oktoberfest Obliteration What would you hate to see at OO4? Long runs What’s your favorite movement? Rowing Continue reading →

Elite Women – Jennifer, Misty, Jazlyn

Name: Jennifer Jones Where do you train? I’m a transplant from DC, but i’m currently training at Village CrossFit. How long you’ve been CrossFitting? CrossFitting for about 3 years How many competitions you’ve done. I’ve done at least 5 Have you done Oktoberfest Obliteration previously? Never been to Octoberfest….let alone Texas, so I’m excited to [...] Continue reading →

Teams – SPX Fitness: Isabel, Ashleylou, Diego, Victor

Team Name: SPX Fitness Team Members: Isabel Lopez, Ashleylou Hinojosa, Diego Mascorro, and Victor Reyes Representing: SPX Fitness Laredo, TX Combined crossfitting time: About 10 years Previous competitions: Never as a group. Previous Oktoberfest: Isabel- First Time, Ashleylou- 002 (Scaled) & 003 (RX), Diego- First Time, Victor- 003 (Scaled) Hate to see at OO4: Isabel- [...] Continue reading →

Teams – Racks & Sacks: Kelley, Amber, Joey, Bill

Team Name: Racks & Sacks Team Members: Kelley Espinoza/ Amber Roehl/ Joey Ramos/ Bill Hanks Representing: CFV CrossFit Victorious Combined crossfitting time: 8 yrs and 7 months Previous competitions: We have all competed in several competitions as individuals totaling 10 overall. This will be the first as a team. Previous Oktoberfest: Not as a team, [...] Continue reading →

Teams – CrossFit H-town: Theo, Carrie, Jennifer, Acie

Team Name: CrossFit H-town Team Members: Theo Tsekouras, Carrie Tsekouras, Jennifer Parrish, Acie Nobles Representing: CrossFit H-town Combined crossfitting time: 14 years combined Previous competitions: 2010 regionals, Bring the Heat Previous Oktoberfest competitions: OO2 & 3 Hate to see at OO4: we got it all Favorite Movements: everything        Continue reading →

Teams – Snatches and Jerks: Madeline, Justin, Maggie, Kris

Team Name: Snatches and Jerks Team Members: Madeline Felio, Justin Morse, Maggie Williams, Kris Glaubitz Representing: Crossfit Waco Combined crossfitting time: 4 years Previous competitions: none as this “team” but Kris, Justin and Madeline did Texas Barbell Mass. Maggies first competition. Previous Oktoberfest competitions: Justin competed on last years CFWaco Team at OO3 Hate to [...] Continue reading →

Teams – Hangover Strength: Michele, Sara, Robert, David

Team Name: Hangover Strength Team Members: Michele Johnson, Sara Prasatik, Robert Rutherford and David Kurtz Representing: P3 Crossfit in Houston (Bellaire), TX Combined crossfitting time: In the double digits Previous competitions: Sort of…3 original members and one replacement Previous Oktoberfest competitions: yes, we’ve all done team Hate to see at OO4: sandbags, muscle-ups, trivia questions [...] Continue reading →

Teams – Kamikaze: Lindsay, Brandi, Jamaal, Adam

Team Name: Kamikaze Team Members: Lindsay Ledbetter, Brandi Kriendler, Jamaal Lee, Adam Stacy Representing: Crossfit Champions Combined crossfitting time: 5+ years Previous competitions: We are all new to competition, this will be our first one. Previous Oktoberfest competitions: No Hate to see at OO4: Thrusters, man-makers, and corn hole Favorite Movements: the corpse pose. actually [...] Continue reading →